TOP 10 reasons why this movie has nothing to do with "US."

Like allot of people we decided to continue to ride the wave of new great black movies starring black people by daring and courageous black directors.
BUT...about 10 mins into the new Jordan Peele film we quickly realized it was not going to give us the same feelings as the 2018 horror sensation "Get Out. To be honest this movie was so bad we hope it doesn't ruin Lupita Nyong'o's reputation with black audiences.  

1. Weak Black Male Character

The character Gabriel "Gabe" Wilson played by Winston Duke reminds of Carlton Banks from the Fresh Prince if he had a family. He's a big guy but his tiny wife has all the courage not him. No disrespect to Howard University but on his chest it could have said coward.

2. Keeping up with white people

Throughout the film Gabriel "Gabe" Wilson demonstrates socio-economic, cultural inferiority by his blatant comparison to the white family as a benchmark for social class or the accumulation of material goods.

3. Made Rap songs corny.

No black family this corny is blasting "I got 5 on it" with the children in the back seat.  Also can anybody explain why NWA's "F*ck the Police" was even in this movie?

4. A Black women and girls in bondage

Where's the #metoo movement when you need them. SMH

5. How did the clone press her hair?

The little black girl in the movie (Shahadi Wright) portraying as Zora Wilson, had a doppelganger with permed straight hair. As isolated and damaged as these "tethered" clones were, how would Umbrae (Zora's clone) have access to a straightener, let alone a perm?

6. White Rabbits

White rabbits are the symbol of magic, which Jason Wilson was intrigued with. Magic is defined as the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces. White  

7. Black on Black crime

The tethered people underground were literal clones of the people above ground. The Wilson family and the tethered clones fighting and killing one another during the movie is a grave depiction of black people fighting  and killing their "literal" selves.  

8. Kill counts

During the getaway scene, Zora is in the driver seat and her mom (Adelaide) asks her to get in the back seat, this is dialogue that follows:

Zora Wilson: I'm driving.
Adelaide Wilson: No way.
Gabe Wilson: I told her no.
Zora Wilson: Dad's leg is messed up, you're handcuffed. It's not safe, I'm driving. Adelaide Wilson: Zora, no!
Zora Wilson: I have the highest kill count in the family.
Adelaide Wilson: You don't have the highest kill count.
Zora Wilson: I killed both twins.
Adelaide Wilson: Wrong. I just killed the second one.
Jason Wilson: I killed Kitty.
Gabe Wilson: [pointing at the family] So that's one, one, one and two. I killed myself and Josh, so...
Adelaide Wilson: It doesn't matter! Zora, get in the back!

This scene portrays black people as heartless and uncaring for life. The family had no problem killing and the worst part, is that they're children didn't either and they were bragging about who killed more.  

Fresh Jail suits direct from the Mass incarceration station up under.

9. Mrs. Peele

Did ya'll know the director of this movie Jordan Peele has a white wife by the name of Chelsea Peretti? 'Nuff said.

10. Hands across America?

The character Gabriel "Gabe" Wilson played by Winston Duke reminds of  carlton from the fresh prince if he had a family. He's a big guy but his tiny wife has all the courage not him.

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