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We are all connected.

"How modern scholarship messes us up, is that they try to make you think everybody’s different, one from another. So by calling us African, they’re denying us or isolating us to one continent, and in reality back in the ancient ages, it was only one system. We’re connected"
- Mother Tynnetta Muhammad

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The undeniable proof that Black people (original, Indigenous, Ab-original) are all connected, is something we have encountered and documented in several countries while conducting anthropological research. The food, the music, the art, regalia, architecture and sometimes even the language are all the same. Africa is not the only place Black people are indigenous to. While filming on location in South America, we took a boat to a small Island off the coast of Cartagena de Indias (Colombia) called Tierra Bomba. The island covers a surface area of 19.84 km², with an estimated population of 9,000 Black people with no running water and necessities that other areas take for granted.

Nation19 donated school supplies and  and money to the elders, teachers, school children, parents and religious leaders of the Island and  Barranquilla. We also promised to come back to do more.

community in Barranquilla Colombia. 

Our new tee shirt design comes from this research and this region, and represents the resilience of the people, their struggle to remain independent, and their obvious connection to other Black people in Australia and Africa.

We are all connected.

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